Make Extra $ by Referring Friends for ReNEW Careers. You know what it takes to be successful at ReNEW. Your recommendations for potential ReNEW staff members will help as we continue to build a culture of excellence and an environment you enjoy working in.
  • ReNEW pays referral bonuses for salaried full-time roles posted on our job board.
  • The referral bonus for a regular, full-time staff member is $500.  
  • Staff members will receive the referral bonus (via direct deposit) once the referred candidate has been working at ReNEW for six months.
Referral Eligibility
  • Only current, full-time and regular part-time ReNEW staff members are eligible to receive referral bonuses.
  • Referrals must be for full-time roles posted by Human Capital. Part-time and temporary staff referrals are not eligible for a bonus. If a part-time or temporary staff referral becomes full-time, the staff member who referred him/her will be eligible for the bonus once the referred candidate has been working at ReNEW full-time for six months.
  • Members of the Talent Team are not eligible for bonuses.
  • Staff members who refer significant others and family members are eligible for a bonus.
  • Hiring managers who refer candidates they will ultimately manage are not eligible for a referral bonus.
  • Hiring managers who refer candidates they will ultimately not manage are eligible for a referral bonus.
  • New hires to ReNEW for the 2021-2022 school year are eligible for a referral bonus.
  • If more than one ReNEW staff member is listed on a candidate’s application, the bonus will be split among those listed.
  • Teach For America and teachNOLA first year teacher referrals are not bonus eligible.
Referral Process

To make a staff referral, please email AND make sure the referral lists you when they fill out their new hire paperwork!

Strategies for Generating Referrals
  • Post on your social networks i.e. Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.
  • Post on any professional groups you may belong to on LinkedIn.
  • Post on any relevant alumni message boards/newsletters.
  • Forward to friends within your professional networks i.e. graduate school/TFA/teachNOLA.
  • Forward to friends/contacts you know in specific markets.
If you have any questions about referral bonuses, please reach out to

ReNEW’s Whistleblowing Policy

Should any staff member know or have a reasonable belief that persons associated with ReNEW plan to engage or have engaged in illegal or unethical conduct in connection with improper accounting, accounting controls or auditing, bribery, conflicts of interest, illegal activities, theft or fraud, discrimination, harassment, workplace violence, safety, health or environmental issues, and/or concerns regarding test administration, that person should immediately file a complaint with the Chief of Staff (, Executive Director of Data and Assessment (, and/or President of the Board of Directors.  Staff members may submit complaints on a confidential, anonymous basis.  If the complaint concerns the Chief of Staff, Executive Director of Data and Assessment, and/or President of the Board of Directors or the complainant is not comfortable reporting to them, then the complainant should notify the Board of Directors instead.  The Board of Directors’ contact information is on ReNEW’s website.  Additionally, staff members may contact a third party organization to file a concern or issue, either confidentially or by leaving a name and phone number.  The third party organization, In Touch, can be reached at 1-844-306-2496 or via the web by visiting  There will be no punishment or other retaliation for filing a complaint in good faith, or otherwise participating or assisting in a proceeding filed or about to be filed regarding any complaint.  An individual who deliberately or maliciously provides false information may be subject to disciplinary action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn in the Eurydice music program?

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How does the Eurydice music program differ from other teaching methods?

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Will my child perform live with the School of Eurydice music program?

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Is the Eurydice music program open to all beginners?

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When does the Eurydice music program meet?

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How much does the Eurydice music program cost?

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