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Our Mission

At ReNEW, we transform underperforming schools into academically rigorous schools that prepare students for the next level of achievement, including high school, college, and career.

Our Values

Achieve: We are focused on results, using data to measure our progress toward ambitious academic goals and find solutions to overcome all obstacles.

Collaborate: We work together to serve our students, assuming shared responsibility for their success.

Reflect: We proactively offer and solicit feedback, maximize our strengths, develop ourselves professionally, and learn from our mistakes in order to give our students the best education possible.

Celebrate: We approach our life work with joy and enthusiasm for the impact we can make on our community and in recognition of our students’ achievements.

Innovate: We invent, refine, and imagine practices and policies to successfully meet all our students’ needs and establish schools as safe and exciting places of learning.

What is Turnaround?

ReNEW Schools is one of the few charter management organizations in New Orleans that truly affects every one of its PK-8 students from the first day of operation. ReNEW identifies the lowest performing public schools in New Orleans and through a vetting process with community members, staff, students, families, and the local and state School Boards, ReNEW assumes control of the existing school. This new control allows our organization and leadership the autonomy to make necessary staffing, culture, academic, and operational changes for the benefit our students' greater academic achievement.

The Turnaround Model is both highly challenging and rewarding: by assuming control of all grades at one time, we are changing the culture, perspectives, and trajectory of years-- and in some cases, decades-- toward student and community success.


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