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Rosheen Joseph

Rosheen Joseph
1st Grade Teacher, Schaumburg Elementary

     Years of Experience: 11 
     Hometown: New Orleans, LA
     Favorite Things about New Orleans: Snoballs, warm weather, quality food and the French Quarter

Staying Connected in New Orleans
From police officers to accountants, Rosheen Joseph knows someone in just about every field in the city. She’s lived in New Orleans all her life except a few years in Baton Rouge. She was born and raised in Gentilly, near the lake, and attended St. Mary’s Academy and the University of New Orleans. “There’s a great sense of community,” she says. “I’m still friends with people from elementary school.” It’s the feeling of family that keeps her connected, and she finds it at ReNEW.

Ownership and Collaboration
Rosheen has been teaching first grade for eleven years, and has always put an emphasis on the importance of independence. At Schaumburg Elementary, her students log in to their Google Chromebooks each morning with their own username and password, and learn to take ownership of their academic success early in the year. As a teacher, Ms. Joseph is constantly reflecting on her data and outcomes so she can ensure that her students get the most out of each day.

One of the many strengths of Schaumburg Elementary is the collaboration between and Rosheen and her grade level team. “We have a chance to brainstorm and see what works in each other’s classrooms,” she says, “because we know we don’t all learn the same.” Grade level meetings take place regularly at Schaumburg. In her classroom, Ms. Joseph is focusing on reading fluency and the ability to relate to characters in a book. She takes advantage of ReNEW’s professional development and appreciates ReNEW’s student-centered approach. She’s been teaching at Schaumburg for two years.

Life Outside ReNEW
Rosheen’s days at ReNEW are rich and busy, and she looks up to women like Oprah Winfrey and her mother, Coretta, who also have a lot to manage. She’s always admired her mother’s determination and willpower. In her free time, Rosheen enjoys making and selling fabric flowers of her own design. The pins and headbands are a favorite of her godchild, who gets to model them. She also loves football and knows all the rules of the game. As for ReNEW, she wants to see it grow. She explains, “there are a lot of schools that would benefit from being part of a CMO that is so organized and student focused.”